Your Trainer Tech

Your Trainer Tech

Larry Cotter CEO

Larry has successfully led and exited 5 tech startups. He has made a career leveraging leading edge technology to transform their industry including sandbox, and Larry is responsible for strategy, team management, partnerships and performance. Larry has a BBA in Accounting but is way more than a numbers guy. Larry never stops accomplishing, and he owns the Result.

Matt King VP Digital Strategy, Content, Programming

Matt has an M.Ed. in Kinesiology from UT Austin and a BS, Exercise and Movement Science from MSU. He is a certified Personal Trainer and Rehab Specialist having worked most recently for Train 4 the Game. Matt conceived the algorithms that drive the company’s virtual trainer, personalization and customization. Matt owns Digital Fitness.

Drew Dodson

Drew Dodson Director of Product

Drew has over a decade of experience in early stage companies, specializing in digital content and platforms for consumers. He was part of the team at MapMyFitness (acquired by Under Armour) where he drove several key initiatives including digital subscriptions and product analytics. Drew holds a BS in Management from Washington and Lee University and an MBA from MIT Sloan. Drew owns Product.

Kim Adams

Kim Adams Director of Marketing

Duke undergrad, UT Masters in Kinesiology, and Certified PT. Former editorial manager for UT’s Journal of Physical Activity and Health. More recently spent 6 years at TriggerPoint and IMPLUS creating course content, consumer facing content, and educating clients on their products. Kim owns client success.

Micah Nolte Chief Technology Officer

Micah has BA in Design Communication from Texas Tech and is the former CTO of The Cube. Micah has over a dozens years experience leading dev teams in the design and development of a wide range of technologies, but with a particular focus on video streaming. Micah owns Technology.

Eric Gustafson

Eric Gustafson Creative Director

Eric fills the gap between people and technology. With over a decade of experience in the tech space, Eric has the ability to translate creative ideas into highly usable products. Eric is integral to product development and its high fidelity results as well as all design dependent functions both internal and external. Eric owns Creative.

Christian Roy

Christian Roy Lead Architect

Christian has a technology systems degree from Canada’s College Lionel-Groulx and over two decades experience in software development, most recently for the Cube. He is firmly grounded in video streaming via mobile app (among other means). Christian owns Architecture.

Elizabeth Garcia Fitness Programming Lead

Elizabeth has a BS and an MS in Kinesiology and Health from UT Austin. She is a certified personal trainer and worked for the Fitness Institute of Texas at UT Austin where she acquired experience in fitness testing and leading group fitness exercise classes.  Elizabeth is the lead utility player of the programming team.

Shawn Snyder

Shawn Snyder Senior iOS Engineer

Shawn is an experience iOS engineer having been the Tech Lead at Bat City Digital and a Developer at Unicast. Shawn led iOS development for the company’s Virtual Trainer as well as contributing to product design and data analysis. Shawn owns iOS Development.

Vanessa Walters

Vanessa Walters Ui/Ux Manager

With a passion for product development and visual design, Vanessa found her way into technology as a founding team member of Rallyhood. There she helped launch a web and mobile app with a constant focus on innovation and user experience. Since then, she expanded her career in product development by working for entities ranging from start ups to well established internet companies. Vanessa has a BA in Theatre and Dance from the University of Texas and is Certified Scrum Product Owner. She is an avid exerciser with a super positive mindset. Vanessa owns Ui/Ux.

Alexandra Weidenheft Content Tagging Specialist

Alexandra has a Masters in Education from UT Austin.   She has worked as a personal trainer, practiced various methods of exercise testing under the direction of exercise physiologists and has witnessed first hand, people experiencing the benefits of physical therapy and rehabilitation.  Alexandra is Your Trainer’s Exercise Content Tagging Specialist. Alexandra owns meta-tagging content.

Jeff Swett

Jeff Swett Founder and Head of Production

Jeff is a self diagnosed health and fitness fanatic. He studied Applied Functional Science at the Gray Institute and is a certified personal trainer. Jeff is an experienced investor as a Principal for F&G Capital and Managing Partner for Apartment Home Living (sold to Your Trainer was born from his passion to help others preserve and improve their health. Jeff is a fabulous team builder, coach and provider. Jeff owns Production.

Logan Schwartz

Logan Schwartz Director of Programming

Logan has a BS in Kinesiology and Exercise Science and a MEd in Exercise Psychology from UT, Austin. He is a former Performance Specialist for Train4TheGame and spent seven years as UT’s strength and conditioning coach (Basketball). He has numerous other certifications and accolades in applied functional science, performance and reaction. Logan owns Movement.

Tim Swett

Tim Swett Chief Financial Officer/Administration

Johns Hopkins University MA – plus 25 years experience in varied financial positions at American Express, Bank of China, HSBC, and Lionsbridge Capital. Tim owns keeping the lights on and taking drudgery off other Team Members’ plates.